Chef Michael Ponder has worked in the field of culinary arts throughout the United States for the past 15 years and has honed his skills at many fine-dining establishments during that time. His love for cooking started in the kitchens of his grandmother, Mary Catherin and his hard working mother, Lasharn. Where they would assign him task as a young boy like cleaning and cutting collard greens and dicing onions and peppers. His childhood love for cooking lead him to culinary arts school at Earl C. Clements in Morganfield, Ky. While in school Chef Ponder earned numerous awards at culinary completions and adulation from teachers and peers. Chef Ponder is proud to serve as Owner and Executive Chef of Ponder's Personal Chef Services, LLC. He is a devoted husband of seven years and father to one son. Chef Ponder hopes to pass along the joy he felt as child while siting at his grandmother and mother's side to every person that experiences his culinary gifting. Chef Ponder's life centers around Jesus, his family, and love for food.